Sowing-instructions peat pellet

On this page we explain how to use the peat pellets that are included with our presents.

What is a peat pellet?

A peat pellet makes it easy for seeds to grow into plants. These pellets swell when they come into contact with water. The net around the tablet creates a clod. This clod is ideal for planting out the whole plant later in the garden or in a large pot. There is no risk of damaging the seedling. The net is biodegradable. The clods hold water well.

How do you proceed?

  • Place the peat pellet net in a container. Note: the side with the dimple must be at the top.
  • Add 30 ml of water to the bowl, this will make the pellet swell.
  • Place a few seeds on the top side of the peat pellet. Note: do not use too many seeds. With large seeds you can even use just one seed (for example a sunflower seed).
  • Press the seeds carefully and cover them with a small layer of soil. Water them regularly.

That’s it! Your seeds now have an ideal soil with enough oxygen and nutrients. At a temperature of 20-22 degrees, the seeds will grow into a small plant. While the plant is small, you can easily repot it or place it in the garden. The fine netting around the plant will dissolve by itself.

What is important to consider?

You can only sow a small number of seeds at a time in a peat pellet. We recommend using a maximum of three. When the seeds have emerged, cut away the weak seedlings. This way all energy goes to one seedling, and it becomes a strong plant. Cress is an exception; you can put several seeds in the peat pellet. This is because you will harvest cress as a seedling. The seeds from the bag do not have to be used all at once. If you sow the seeds immediately in the ground or a large pot, you can sow several seeds at once. It is also important that the young plants get plenty of water and light. This way they will grow well, and you will get a healthy plant. The sowing period of the seeds depends on the kind of seeds you sow, this is also mentioned on the seed bag.